We are a strategic internal communications, employee engagement and leadership consultancy.

We help you to implement sustainable change and drive business performance by putting your people first.

Inspiring Change made a real difference to our Purpose and Values project, helping to deliver an output of which we are really proud.

Stephen Creaner Executive Director, Enterprise Ireland


We are a strategic internal communications and leadership consultancy.  We work with our clients to drive sustainable change and performance in their businesses by helping them to align their people with overall organisational strategy.

‘Customer First’ has become very trendy in recent in years but we don’t subscribe to it.  We believe that organisations are more likely to succeed if they put their people first, empowering them and trusting them to do the right things for their customers.  


For that to happen, their people need to have a shared purpose and values, strong leadership, a good sense of where the organisation is going, and an understanding of the part they

each play in getting it there.

How we help

Scott McInnes

Founder & Director

We help our clients to...


We work with our clients and, importantly, with their people, to bring key strategic themes to life in a way that connects more emotionally and powerfully.


We equip leaders with the tools, skills, and confidence they need to connect with their teams in a more authentic, engaging and inspiring way.


We work with our clients to create internal communications strategy, campaigns and collateral to drive engagement with your people throughout the year. And we enjoy implementing it to.

Our focus

Purpose and Values


A strong purpose and set of values ensures all your people are pulling in the same direction

Employee Engagement


Ensuring all your people are engaged at work and will always give that bit of discretionary effort

Employee Empowerment


Creating a culture where it’s OK for your people to voice their opinions and ideas

Organisational Change


Ensuring that when you’re going through change that your people are on the bus and feel part of the journey

High Performing Cultures


Aligning your purpose, values and leaders to create a culture that is truly people focused

Distributed Workforces


Work isn’t a place we go anymore – it’s something we do. That means a new way of thinking for organisations


Our values

We work together


We’re not an agency.  We don’t work FOR our clients we work WITH them.  We don’t always have the right answer, but we do ask good questions that allow us to find that answer together.

We act with integrity


We always do what we say we’ll do and that’s always in the best interests of our clients.  They look to us for understanding and expertise and we deliver that in spades.

We build trust


Working closely with our clients and acting with integrity builds trust.  That allows us the freedom to explore new, creative and more exciting ways of achieving their objectives.

Our work

We work with clients spanning many industry sectors.

Read more in our Client Case Studies >


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Our thinking

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