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Case study


Institute of Banking

Creating a case for change


With 32,500 members, the Institute of Banking (IoB), Ireland’s largest professional institute, has supported those who work in banking since 1898.  It’s a not-for profit member organisation with professional development and education at its heart.

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IOB testimonial

IOB testimonial

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“We needed to connect our people to the strategy, help them to see the benefit of change and get them all pulling in the same direction.  The ‘IoB Story’ that Scott and the team helped us to create did just that.”

Mary O’Dea, CEO

The challenge:


The financial services sector is changing globally - new entrants, customer expectations, digitisation and increasing regulation are just some of the challenges.  As a result, the skills required by those working in the sector are changing too. To ensure future success, the Institute had to refocus to meet those needs.


That shift meant an ambitious programme of change internally – people, process, systems and culture – and the senior leadership team wanted to explore how best to communicate it.


What we did:


We knew that a story would allow us to engage staff in a way that was more human, emotional and compelling - something a strategy deck would never do.  To really connect, it had to be their story told in their words.  So we:


  • Interviewed the senior team for their views on IOB people, culture and change

  • Ran workshops with every staff member to hear their frustrations, concerns, stories of pride; and views on change


And we created ‘The IOB Story’, which combined words and illustration to highlight :

  • where the Institute is today

  • why they need to change

  • how they’ll do it

  • the critical role of their people; and

  • what the future holds


At the launch we asked each of the senior team to make it human by bringing the chapters to life with their own personal reflections and stories about what that chapter meant to them.

The results:


The launch of ‘The IOB Story’ is only the start of their journey.  However, initial signs are promising:


  • By listening to staff and using their input, feedback on the process was very positive  

  • People across the Institute now feel better informed

  • There’s a sense that the change that’s coming will result in a brighter future for all.

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