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Forest Trees


For a small business like ours, making a commitment to sustainability and our communities really matters.  We make conscious decisions like sourcing locally, reducing waste, and embracing energy-efficient practices to minimise our ecological impact.  


We believe our size doesn't limit our impact. Our commitment to this also extends to the partnerships we forge and the clients we work for, we look for those who align with our values. By nurturing a sustainable ethos, we aim not only to contribute to a healthier planet ourselves but also to inspire others to join us in this vital journey.  

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Our Environmental Principles:  


  • We run a largely paperless business. 

  • Increased use of video conferencing has significantly reduced the requirement to travel. 

  • The coworking space in which we are based separates and recycles all waste and has a large roof garden planted with native Irish plants and flowers. 

  • We partner with One Tree Planted, a charity dedicated to creating a healthier climate by protecting biodiversity and helping reforestation efforts. One Tree Planted works with local planting partners in more than seventy countries, across diverse ecosystems. We make quarterly donations to specific projects we want to support, and we have already planted hundreds of trees!  

Our Social Principles:  
  • The coworking space in which we are based works with local, artisan suppliers for all food and hosts monthly awareness events for artists, charities, and other social impact organisations. 

  • We realise the benefit a diverse team of staff, partners and associates can bring to our clients, so we work hard to foster a group of individuals who bring different thinking, ideas, and backgrounds to bear. 

  • And we also support charities - Moving Mountains in Kenya; and Jigsaw and Jobcare in Ireland - donating both time and money to support their work. 


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