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At Inspiring Change, we pride ourselves on bringing our expertise to bear, helping our clients to build brilliant cultures.

We also work with a group of carefully selected partners when we don’t have the answer.  These partners bring expertise and creativity in areas that support and build on the work we do with our clients.

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Denison Consulting


Denison is our partner for culture diagnostics that help to identify our clients' ‘as-is’ culture.  The Denison Organisational Culture Survey (DOCS) allows an organisation to paint a clear picture of their culture today, providing benchmarked results and a baseline against which to measure progress.

Donna Reilly People & Wellness


Award-winning people and wellbeing expert Donna Reilly, and her team, offer individual and team coaching, wellbeing strategy development and HR consultancy services to organisations across a range of industries.

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WorkMatters is market leading provider of dedicated future of work consulting and enablement services. Its prime purpose is to help organisations, leaders and their employees thrive in the changing world of work through a unique blend of consulting, training & coaching solutions as well as peer-peer learning and collaboration. 



Workvivo is a Cork-based technology company that provides a cloud-based platform to bridge the gap in employee communications channels that many organisations face.  When creating communications strategies for organisations where channels are lacking, we’ll recommend Workvivo as an alternative to intranets and other in-house technology.


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