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Based on a strongly held belief that a business's success is driven by its people, Scott founded Inspiring Change in 2017. 


Based in Dublin, we work with clients in Ireland and further afield in Europe to help them build brilliant cultures.

We have a small but experienced team and, where necessary, we bring in the skills and experience we need from a board of trusted associates and partners.  This allows us to be more agile and create teams that perfectly match the exact needs of our clients.

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"People are at the heart of success in any team.  And that's no different in business - they're just much bigger teams".

Our people

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Scott McInnes

Founder & Director

​For over 20 years Scott McInnes has worked in-agency and client-side with brands including Ornua, PA Consulting Group, Hewlett-Packard, Ulster Bank, AIB and London 2012.

Based on a strongly held belief that a business's success is driven by its people, Scott founded Inspiring Change to help organisations connect with their people in a way that’s clear, memorable, inspiring and authentic.

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Sinéad Egan

Organisational Culture Strategist

Sinéad has a passion for understanding organisations and what makes them successful, and this has fuelled her interest in the fields of organisational culture, change management, employee engagement and workplace wellness.

Having spent most of her career in consulting roles, her strength lies in helping clients understand their complex organisational problems and developing effective solutions. She is an experienced facilitator and researcher and enjoys designing and delivering impactful workshops for her clients.

Catherine Fallon

Associate Consultant

Catherine has specialised in employee engagement and change communications for over 25 years, in-house and as a consultant. Practical and solution focused, she enables organisations to harness the power of their employees 


While Catherine is commercially minded and a strategic thinker, creativity and originality are at the core of every solution she develops. She looks outside of the corporate bubble for influence, taking inspiration from popular culture, global trends and technical innovations.  

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Michelle O'Connor

Writer & Facilitator

Michelle O'Connor is a copywriter, editor and tone of voice creator working with companies around the world to help them communicate in the most effective way possible.


With a background in discourse analysis and a penchant for Plain English, Michelle prides herself on her honesty, transparency and collaboration with clients.

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Philip Barrett

Live Drawing Artist

Philip is one of Ireland's most experienced live drawing artists.  He's worked for many big brands and he's an avid creator of comics.  He's also published a number of books including the best-selling, 'Where's Larry?' series.


He brings a creative approach to capturing details of client meetings and brainstorms and is also key to many of our corporate narrative projects. 

Declan Bourke


Declan has 20+ years’ experience in driving businesses in Japan, Ireland and the UK; has worked with corporates around the world; and has managed many multicultural virtual and local teams.  He is a co-founder of Sport Endorse.


Declan brings a different perspective to the business and provides a welcome sounding board for some of Scott's more 'creative' ideas! ​

Denis Doolan


Denis has extensive global experience from strategy to execution and leadership of diverse full-time, contract and volunteer teams.  Currently on the Global Leadership Team of Special Olympics international, he is responsible for strategy, leadership development and operational excellence.  


He is passionate about social sustainability and enjoys helping the business to create impactful change that balances growth with looking after people and the planet.  

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