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Cutting through culture

A strong and aligned culture is the foundation upon which the success of your organisational strategy is built - your shared values, beliefs, norms, and behaviours.


It’s why talented people are drawn to you and, when they join, it’s why they want to stay. It can improve performance and create competitive advantage.

Get your culture right and you improve employee experience. Your people will care more and will want to do that extra little bit for the organisation, your customers and each other.


We work with our clients to cut through their cultures - helping them envision the kind of culture they need, assess what it’s like today and create a strategy to help them evolve from their as-is to their to-be culture.

How we support our clients:
  • Envisioning future culture –We help organisations align their vision and strategy with a compelling picture of the desired culture that will enable them to achieve those ambitions.

  • Diagnosing existing culture – We combine qualitative and quantitative research techniques to help clients understand the beliefs and assumptions of employees and the challenges and strengths in the organisation’s culture today.

  • Developing purpose, values and vision – We help organisations to uncover develop (or review and refine) their organisation’s purpose (the why), vision (the where), and values (the how).

  • Translating values into behaviours – We help organisations to translate values into behaviours to ensure employees have a clear understanding of what’s expected of them and what they can expect of the organisation.

  • Creating clear action plans – We help organisations to identify the priority areas where there are organisational challenges and to make concrete plans that ensure employees see visible change.

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