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Engaging employee communictions

Really clear and engaging communications at all levels of your organisation increases alignment to and understanding of your strategy; strengthens the connection between your organisation and your people; recognises great work, improving morale and engagement levels; and ensures people have the right information when and where they need it.

As a result, you build organisational trust, improve productivity and increase retention.

We help our clients to be more human in how they communicate, using language and channels that create stronger connections with their people, make their strategies more compelling and show staff the role they play in delivering them.

Some of the ways in which we support our clients :


  • Auditing Internal Communications – Using qualitative and quantitative methods we assess an organisation’s current communications approach including channels, messaging, frequency, and tone of voice.

  • Developing communications and engagement strategy – Working with internal communications teams to help them create tailored communications and engagement strategy.

  • Creating Inspiring Stories – Working with Executive Teams to create emotive and compelling corporate narrative that brings organisational strategy to life and put their employees and their needs at the centre of the story. View video.

  • Upskilling Leaders - Providing group training and 1-1 coaching for leaders at all levels to help them be more authentic and engaging communicators.

  • Supporting implementation – From creating and managing events to copywriting and creating campaigns, we act as an extension to our client’s existing internal communication teams, providing flexible expertise when they need it.

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