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Our focus

Clients look to us for advice and support in a number of areas.


From the traditional building blocks of culture, values, employee engagement and human leadership to more contemporary issues like managing distributed workforces or increasing employee empowerment we can help. 

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Purpose and Values

A strong purpose and set of values ensures all your people are pulling in the same direction.  We work with Exec teams and, with input from employees through focus groups and online forums, we cut to the nub of what your organisations stands for and where you’re going.

Organisational change

We know that a lot of change projects fail, not because of technology, process or systems but because of people.  Strong change comms is critical to ensuring that, when you’re going through change, your people are on the bus and feel part of the journey, not a speed-bump along the road.

Employee Engagement

Ensuring all your people are engaged at work and will always give that bit of discretionary effort.  For us, EE is a combination of many other elements – a compelling narrative, strong, engaging leaders and employee voice – all of which combine to really drive productivity, motivation, innovation and customer experience.

Employee Empowerment

Through Covid and with movements like Black Lives Matter and increased awareness of positive mental health, employees are increasingly looking to be heard.   For us, creating a listening culture where it’s safe (and expected!) for people to voice their opinions and ideas is key. But that can be challenging for leaders who require new skills or providing staff with formal and informal channels to voice those ideas and opinions.

Distributed Workforces

Covid resulted in the majority of office workers having to work from home – something many of them have wanted for years but that organisations weren’t willing to grant.  Now, we’ve proven that work isn’t a place we go anymore – it’s something we do. That means a new way of thinking for organisations and a realisation that they need to be more flexible if they are to.

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