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Our focus

Clients support our clients in two key areas.


We don't want to be a 'jack of all trades' so, since we were founded in 2017 we made the decision to reallly focus - to be an inch wide and a mile deep and to give our clients deep expertise in two key areas - Organisational Culture Development and Internal Communications and Engagement.

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Organisational Culture Development


We all know that having the right  -or as we like to think ‘aligned and engaged’ -  company culture is key to strategic success. 

So we work with our clients to help them understand what kind of culture they want, diagnose what it’s like today, and then create a strategy to help them move from one to the other.

Some of the ways we support our clients:

  • Running envisioning workkshops for Exec Teams

  • Diagnosing existing culture using Denison Consulting's DOCS Diagnostic

  • Running focus groups and 1-1s to deepdive an organisation's existing culture 

  • Working with senior teams to set up Culture Working Groups to drive culture change

  • Creating/refining organisational values and purpose

Internal Communications & Engagement


If your culture is the heart of your organisation then communications and engagement is your life blood.

We help our clients to be more human in how they communicate, using language and channels that create stronger connections with their people, make their strategies more compelling and show staff the role they play in delivering them.

Some of the ways we support our clients :

  • Creating compelling corporate narratives to help organisations through times of change

  • Developing internal communications strategy and working with clients to implement it

  • Designing engaging live events to engage employees

  • Coching senior leaders 1-1 in how to be more authentic and engaging communicators

  • Training people managers to make them more effective communicators

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