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Internal Communcations

Thinking about what, when and how you communicate and the language you use is key to ensuring that your internal communications connect with your people.

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"If culture is the beating heart of your business, internal communications is the veins and arteries that carry that energy to and from your people"

What is good internal communications?

There's a lot of poor - but no doubt well-intentioned - internal communications in the world.  Truly effective internal communications isn't about sending emails or newsletters or having pizza and beer twice a year.

For us, really effective internal communications is about creating advocacy and followership, about connecting your people to your business more emotionally, and about attracting and retaining the very best talent you can.

Yes, of course companies need to get information out to people, some of it tactical  - 'We're moving buildings - here's what you need to know' - and some a bit more strategic - 'As a business, here's where we're going'. 

We just think there's a better way to do it that brings your people with you. 

Here are some of the ways we can help:

Defining Purpose and Values

An emotive and compelling purpose and a set of company vales are key to internal communications success.  We can help to define them and then roll them out in a way that they become more than just 'words on a wall'.    

Defining Tone of Voice.

The words you use are important. What tone are you using in your communications? Is it human and authentic to the writer?  Does it connect? What emotion do you want it to elicit in your people? We'll find out what your Tone is today and identify what you need it to be to achieve your cultural and business goals.

Increasing Senior Leader Visibility

Visibility of your senior leaders is key when it comes to creating more open and transparent cultures and that's even more true during times of change.  We can help to create a strategy for your senior leaders and provide tools and training they need to lead in a more open, accessible and authentic way.

Providing Leader Communications Training

Your leaders are key to internal communications success.  We'll work with them to give them the knowledge, confidence, skills and tools they need to be more effective leaders

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