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Denison Organisational Culture Survey

We are a Denison Strategic Partner, and we often use the Denison Organisational Culture Survey when diagnosing the culture in an organisation. We combine this survey with further qualitative employee research, such as focus groups and interviews, to gain a deep understanding of the culture in the organisation, the behavioural norms, and employee mindsets. 
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The Denison Model is a robust and comprehensive diagnostic which provides a clear picture of what your organisation needs to do to achieve higher performance. The survey results are benchmarked against 1,000+ organisations and provide a baseline to measure future improvements against. 


The Denison model is based on decades of research and has identified four key drivers of high-performance - mission, adaptability, involvement, and consistency.  


Through the cumulative responses from the survey, you will gain insight on questions like: 


  • Do your employees understand your mission and where you’re headed? 

  • Do they believe the organisation can stay competitive and adapt to changes in the market? 

  • Are your people involved, and do they feel empowered to do their jobs well? 

  • Are your values clear and being lived out through consistent processes? 


While most organisations recognise that culture has a direct impact on performance, it’s often unclear what changes are needed. Our team can guide you through a diagnostic of your culture, prioritisation of results, and creating a meaningful action plan that will lead to better performance and happier employees.


Learn more about the Denison model here. 
See a sample report of a culture audit including the Denison Organisational Culture Survey here.

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