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FACT - Productivity increases 20-25% where employees feel connected.  Do you know how connected your people feel to your business?

No?  Well, we can help.

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What gets measured gets done - simple!
  • 74% of employees have the feeling they're missing out on company news (Tribal Impact)

  • 72% of employees don't fully understand their company strategy (IBM)

  • YET, productivity increases 20-25% in organisations where employees feel connected (McKinsey)

Connection drives success.

One thing the Covid pandemic has shown us, in large part due to the rise in lockdowns and remote working, is the importance of connection.

How you communicate with your people, what you say, how you say it and through what channels was important before.  But it’s going to become increasingly important now, particularly if, like most companies, you’re leaning towards more flexible working practices.

Ensuring your people feel connected to your business, your strategy, to their teams and to each other, is critical to business success.

The big question is ‘are your communications doing a good enough job to build and maintain strong connections with your people?’.

CommsConnect by Inspiring Change

CommsConnect is a communications assessment tool that identifies how effective your internal communications strategy is today, what your people want, and where the gaps are. 

It focuses on three key areas:

  • Company – Your top-down communications, the channels you use, trust in senior leaders and how clear your communications are.

  • Team – How well teams work together, their understanding of how they contribute to business success and the relationship with their leader

  • Individual – How well individuals understand their role and objectives, and the quality of their relationship with their teammates and their leader.

Why Inspiring Change?

Any research company can do an audit.  However, research companies don’t tend to have a deep understanding of internal communications, engagement and leadership; and how, together, they drive amazing cultures. 

At Inspiring Change, we do.

And that’s why we say that your CommsConnect results aren’t the most important part of the process.  What really matters is what you do with that information afterwards.  What’s key is to ask yourself two questions – ‘What are the results telling us?’ and ‘What do we need to do differently as a result?’

Interested in finding out more?  Simply send us an email and we'll be in touch.

Each CommsConnect assessment includes:

  • a 45-min discovery session

  • deploying the survey to your staff

  • Analysing results, producing a report and presenting findings to key stakeholders

  • Recommendations based on the results

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