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How we help

At Inspiring Change we help to support change in your organisation by making your communications more engaging, authentic and human.


Every client is different so we tailor our offer to fit the need.  From targeted consulting assignments, to bespoke training development and delivery; and leader coaching, we focus on meeting your exact need.​

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"We put your people first by making your  communications more engaging, authentic and human"


People leaders are some of the most important people in every organisation.  They're the ones who can contextualise and translate overall corporate strategy and narrative in a way that brings it to life for each of them? 


Working closely with HR we help clients to identify and bridge gaps in how they connect with staff.  And it’s not just about training.  It’s about equipping leaders with the tools and confidence to reinforce the organisation's story and strategy and lead in an authentic, engaging, human and inspiring way.


And it's about all our clients leaders ‘walking the talk’ and being the best they can be.


We work with our clients to create internal communications strategy, campaigns and collateral to drive engagement by articulating key messages in a clear, inspiring and authentic way. We want to ensure we say the right things at the right time through the right channels.

We believe that an organisation's people leaders are one of the most effective channels they have.  With a good understanding of their team members, they're best place to contextualise and translate messages in a way that make them really relevant for their teams.  


A winning internal communications and engagement strategy is built on a strong foundation with a strong emotional connection.  We work with our clients to define purpose, values and behaviours and identify key strategic themes. And then we use those to create impactful corporate narratives using words and pictures that connect more emotionally and powerfully with their people.

Each of those elements is co-created with your people, further driving engagement, inspiring your people, exciting partners, attracting customers and engaging influencers.

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