Power Hour with Scott McInnes

Often, a different perspective can help.

Change at any time can be hard for business. Change during a pandemic emergency, where everything seems to have been turned on its head, is even harder.

We know that businesses out there have challenges right now.  And we know that you need support to ensure that your communications maintain morale and productivity while possibly having to deliver some really tough messages.

All the research shows that, despite what people might think, it's at times like these that businesses can actually build trust and engagement levels by handling communications well.

But we also know that many businesses are financially constrained right now.

So we created the Inspiring Change 'PowerHour', a low-cost opportunity for Business Owners, Executives (or even Internal Communications professionals) to explore an internal communications problem you're facing and identify some practical ways to address it.

That's it. Simple!

The Inspiring Change 'Power Hour' costs €250 + VAT - just click on the button below to get started.


Power Hour is a simple three step process

  1. Brief - Send in a short description of the issue you're facing (or think you're about to face).

  2. Discuss - Take part in a 60 minute video call focused on the issue you're facing.

  3. Follow-up - We'll write up the ideas and recommendations that we covered in the call and we'll send them to you.