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MEDIA - EX walks the talk for CX

In the current tough market conditions, companies need to differentiate themselves in an increasingly commoditised world, writes Scott McInnes. We are all aware of great customer experience – that bounce in our step after a positive interaction with a business. But how often do we attribute the influence employee experience has over customer experience?

Customer experience is interesting because rarely the product or service we buy shapes our opinion or loyalty to a business – it's about how we feel coming away from that interaction. There are so many dimensions to customer experience that it can be swayed at any given time during the journey. Communication and consistency are central to this journey.

In the past, ‘We put our customers first’ was the mantra of many businesses around the globe. Companies then have to retrofit employee experience to deliver what it is they have very publicly promised their customers.

What happens if we reverse that trend? Just like Richard Branson who once said, “Don't put customers first, put your staff first and let them look after your customers.”

Employee experience can lead to greater customer experience by giving your people the tools, confidence and space they need to deliver superior experiences across your business.

Getting people to care is a very powerful way for them to go the extra mile for a business and its customers. An emotive purpose is key to success when it comes to employee experience. The human element is the game-changer because in our hearts, we all care.

Where can you make magic happen for customers and what has the biggest impact? The very best companies hand over the baton and let their people decide what that means for customers at every step. How do we enable employees to represent the company?

It is critical to align the brand promise internally and empower your team to bring your promise to life externally. If the brand promise is not practiced internally, it won’t be reflected externally.

How your team members communicate about your business based on their experience internally is translated externally in their interactions with customers and all other stakeholders. For great employee experience to meet great customer experience, high expectations need to be set and met through strong brands and consistent communication.

Businesses need to trust their people to manage relationships and fix issues locally for customers. Only they can truly see what's happening in every interaction every day.

Business owners define and live by their mission, purpose and values to the extent that they set a standard for their team to work by and deliver every day. A business’ team brings its brand to life for its customers.

Doing good business depends on how a business treats its people and how they, in turn, treat their customers. When a team is recognised for its achievements and operates within a positive environment, that experience is transferred to customers.

In the midst of all this change and challenge, is it time to put your employees first?

Originally published in the winter issue of Strategic Magazine - https://www.strategicmagazines.com/


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