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85 | Top 10 Inspiring Change Podcast Episodes

Today, I want to take some time to give a little shout out the Top 10 most listened to guests we've had on the Inspiring Change Podcast.

These episodes are filled with friends, colleagues and new connections who share their unique stories of internal communications, engagement and leadership! We chat about their career, explore their expertise and touch on current events.

You will enjoy the very best advice and knowledge on organisational culture, employee engagement, human resources, leadership and so much more.

Dive into our top episodes!

1. Episode 8 - Pedro Angulo, Head of Leadership Development, AIB

2. Episode 22 - Helen Tynan, Director of People Operations, Google

3. Episode 33 - John Simmons, Author (oh, and the creator of 'Tone of Voice'!)

4. Episode 25 - Nick Morgan, Author, Coach and Communicator

5. Episode 24 - Carmel Doyle, CEO, Jack and Jill Foundation

6. Episode 29 - Josh Schneider, Author, Speaker & Coach

7. Episode 7 - Eric Bowman, VP of Digital Foundation, Zalando

8. Episode 1 - Mary Davis, CEO, Special Olympics

9. Episode 32 - Orlaith Carmody, Coach and Leadership Consultant, Gavin Duffy & Associates

10. Episode 30 - Joyce Walsh, Head Of Leadership & Talent, Ulster Bank

All of our podcast episodes are available on major podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or wherever you find your podcasts. Just search, "Inspiring Change Podcast." Let us know which episode you enjoyed the most and what your favourite bit of advice was!

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