• Scott McInnes

48 | You're a writer. Now write!

Day One (for me anyway) 2019.

Happy New Year Everyone. Hope you had a great break.

Mine was a bit of an extended one this year - we escaped to Spain for a week of winter sun after the madness of Christmas.

While I was away, I skimmed social media and caught an article by Harry Ashbridge (recent self-proclaimed blogger and past guest on the Inspiring Change podcast).

It was short but spot on.

No matter what you do or where you work, EVERYONE is a writer - emails, presentations, reports, board papers, letters... It’s the one thing that at work, you likely spend more time doing than anything else.

But we tend not to focus on it as a thing - it’s just something we've done since we learned the art at school.

And we’re all pretty good at it. Right?


Because, off the bat, people generally aren't great writers. And they tend not to do anything about it.

The same is true of exercise - take running for example.

At this time of year, many people decide it's time to do more exercise and lose a few Christmas kilos. They pull on a pair of running shoes, get out the door and off they go.

We all know how to run right? We’ve been doing it since we were kids.

But people tend not to learn to run properly. Yes, they might be able to get from A to B but it takes longer to get there, longer to recover; and they’ll be more prone to injury.

We don’t think about learning HOW to run. It’s just something we do.

And writing’s the same.

Being a better runner (or writer for that matter) is possible, but it takes two things:

  • Learning the skill - Go on a course, learn what really good looks and sounds like, get hold of a framework or some good writing guidelines and learn from others’ experiences. Spend (nay, INVEST) a day or two, learning how to be better.

  • Putting it into practice - Challenge yourself every day to practice what you’ve learnt, be aware of what you're writing and how it might feel or sound to recipients, strive to get better and better with every version, and ask for feedback from others (and put it into practice when they give it to you!).

There's a really good writer in everyone - it just needs a little coaxing to show itself.

Maybe 2019's your year?

The investment will pay you back in spades.

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