• Scott McInnes

#06 | Momentum

Right, last rugby club analogy for a while (that said, it is a really easy way to bring this story to life).

So we have our North Star, our leaders are bought in, they've everything they need to be successful and are translating vision in a way that their players can relate to and understand.

But how do we keep that alive and build momentum in pursuit of that vision?

For me and millions of other communicators like me it's about really good storytelling (I can hear a thousand corporate eyes rolling right now but stay with me!).

Powerful stories are the way to bring a vision to life in a real and compelling way. In last week's blog I talked about it being a coach's job to make the vision relevant and believable to their own team's players. But what about things that all the other teams are doing? What about the age groups ahead of us? What about what the 1st XV has achieved? Or the Ladies XV?

How the coaches for the older teams bring the vision to life for them brings different results - results that in future, our U9s will aspire to achieve.

Aren't they the stories that can inspire those 8 year old boys to go a bit further? "I want to be doing that," we want them to be saying to themselves.

So they need to know what;s going on - the good and bad; wins and losses.

That doesn't happen by accident and it doesn't happen by ESP or osmosis. It happens because we, the coaches, share those stories with the players. Maybe at training during the warm-up, maybe through a newsletter to the parents or through Teamer, the messaging app we all use to keep in touch. We have multiple channels at our disposal and we use them all to get stories out there.

And outside of the club, using Leinster and Ireland players brings a bit of open-mouthed awe! We've been lucky to have Sean O'Brien in (a tank indeed) and Ian Keatley is an old Suttonians.

"This is what we're training you for - you could do this if you wanted to"

Again, using stories and examples - this time in flesh and blood - to show the players what could be.

And of course there's a role for the organisation, the club, to play in that. It needs to 'big up' and share all the good stuff that's going on through its channels. In so doing, all the teams inspire each other.

And that helps to build a sense of pride and momentum that, once it's going, is hard to stop.

PS - Scientists calculate momentum by multiplying the mass of the object (m) by the velocity of the object (v). It's basically an indication of how hard it would be to stop the object (or in our case the belief among a load of little rugby players)

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