• Scott McInnes

#00 | Ernest Gowers - Straight talking since 1954.

Ernest Growers typing on a typewriter

Written by Sir Ernest Gowers in 1948 to stop British civil servants churning out copy like the paragraph below, 'The Complete Plain Words' is an interesting read with some useful guidelines. "In the circumstances you have now explained, and the favourable enquiries made by me, I agree as a special case and without prejudice not to press for payment of the demand sent you, and you may consider the matter closed. I would however suggest in the future you should take greater care of your railway ticket to obviate any similar occurrence." And whilst we're not quite THAT bad these days, there's still a lot of poor, formal, badly written, misspelt (I checked - it's British English!) and poorly punctuated writing in business today. So have a read of this article and, if you're so inclined, grab a copy of the book. And, contrary to what every Christian Brother or Nun ever told you, you'll see that it's perfectly OK to start a sentence with the word 'And'.