Leading a team can be tough, particularly when you're going through change with remote teams.  But often, it's the little changes you make that can have a really positive impact on how your people feel.

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Just because you and your teams aren't together, doesn't mean that you can't be 'together'.

We've been talking about 'the future of work' for ages and, in mid-March, it arrived.  Pretty much overnight, it resulted in significant change for you, your teams and your organisations as millions of us were forced to work remotely.  People leaders are now having to grapple with that new reality while trying to manage their people remotely.

Back in March 2020, at the start of the emergency, we wanted to do our bit.  So we created and ran this free 40-minute webinar - 'Leading and Communicating from afar' - to give leaders some practical hints, tips and advice on things they could do to keep their teams connected, motivated, engaged and productive.

We hope you enjoy it and find it to be of use.

PS - If you'd prefer to read through Scott's top tips from the webinar, have a look at Blog 77.

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