WEBINAR - Leading and communicating from afar

2pm (GMT), 30th March 2020


The current health emergency has, overnight, resulted in significant change for you, your organisations and your teams.  People leaders are now having to grapple with that new reality while trying to manage their people - the majority of whom are remote working - and keep business going.

At Inspiring Change we want to do our bit. So we’re created a free 45-minute webinar - 'Leading and Communicating from afar' - to give you and your people leaders a bit of support .

What will it cover?

The webinar provides really practical hints, tips and ideas on how they can communicate with and manage their teams through this period of change. 


At a high level we'll cover:

  • Reaffirming the importance of their roles

  • Acknowledging team member's situations and where they are at

  • What to communicate, when and translating messages for your team

  • Being visible remotely - 1-1s, team meetings, expectation setting 

  • Recognising accomplishments

  • Thinking about HOW you do this in a very human way

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