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FOW Comms success

Covid lockdowns showed us that remote working works!

However, in the past 14 months we've picked up some bad habits when it comes to how we communicate. Key to success in a hybrid future of work is recognising what they are and finding ways to address them.

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In the first few months of the pandemic, email volumes increased by 100%

All around the world we were kind-of thrown into Covid lockdowns - one day in the office, the next at home, for 14 months!  


The one thing it has shown us is the power of communications in business - not just to keep people informed, but to ensure they feel connected to each other and to your organisation.

Now, with hybrid working on the horizon for many of us, ensuring your people feel connected to your business, your strategy, to their teams and to each other, is critical to business success.

Awareness Precedes Action!

We've gotten through lockdown but to be successful in the next world of work, we need to recognise some of the bad habits we've fallen into and address them.

Or, as we like to say - 'Awareness precedes Action'

We designed this 90-min course to hold up the mirror, to get people to think about how they communicate and how, perhaps, they can be more effective in a hybrid world.

We like it to be interactive so, before we run the session, we send a short, two question survey to attendees to find out where they struggled with comms during Covid. And we use that data to run a short breakout during the session - everyone gets to have a say.

Interested in finding out more?  Simply send us an email and we'll be in touch.

Some of the themes we cover

  • Change is everyone's job

  • Awareness precedes action

  • Structuring your day

  • Pick up the phone

  • Think before Teams

  • Be there, be focused

  • Tips for great emails

  • The power of maintaining connections