Masterclass - 'Creating a Culture of Change'

How do you bring your people on a change journey that keeps them engaged, involves them and ensures that you create a culture in which those people can flourish and grow, benefiting them and your business?

In this 90 min masterclass over breakfast we’ll explore:

  • The undeniable case for a focus on your people and on strong change communications

  • Employee engagement, what it is and why it’s important to build and maintain it

  • Building a corporate narrative that your staff can connect to

  • The critical role of your people leaders during change

  • Creating a culture of constant communication and why it's important.


This will be a masterclass that's heavy on hints, tips and advice that you can take away to apply in your own business.

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17 January 2018, Dublin

"Great insights and ideas shared by Scott McInnes for organisations and Leaders who seek to transform and grow" - Viv Galligan, Elavon.

"Fantastic session, so many nuggets to take away" - Mark Curtis, AIB.

21 March 2018, Dublin

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23 November 2017, Dublin


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