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Masterclass - Creating a Culture of Change

No blog this week. Instead I'm excited to be launching my first Dublin masterclass - ‘Creating a Culture of Change’. Come along for breakfast in the Science Gallery, Trinity College, and get practical hints, tips and advice on how you can bring your people with you on your change journey. Click here for more

#10 | Grass skirts not compulsory!

We were on holidays this summer with friends of ours. One evening, over a beer, conversation turned to their son who, a few years ago, was diagnosed with Aspergers. We talked about his future (as we did about all our kids) and, as you might expect, they had their worries. But one thing they said really struck me "He'll be OK once he finds his tribe". What they meant, I think, was that he'll be fine when he finds a group of likeminded people who understood him, who knew how to get the best from him, and how to read him and understand him. And that got me thinking about tribes in the context of work. We talk a lot about our teams - 'a group of people with a set of complementary skills required

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