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#02 | Mind your tone!

It's weird when you know someone and they they write words like henceforth, further to and heretofore. And all you're thinking is 'I've never heard them (or anyone else for that matter) say those words'. It creates a disconnect and, as a result, makes them a bit less believable and less authentic. It's a bit Jekyll and Hyde! Though in their defence, much of what's considered by people to be 'proper' writing was hammered into them (with an iron fist often) through years of schooling by Nuns and Christian Brothers. God forbid that you EVER start a sentence with the word 'and!. In AIB we took the corporate tone by the scruff of the neck and gave it a good shake. We interviewed execs and staff

#01 | Leadership Lessons from Under 8s

8-year-old rugby players taught me important lessons on leadership, I won't soon forget. Perspective matters in leadership.

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